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EMKAY Group is one of Malaysia's premier property developers involved in residential, and commercial properties, office buildings, and resorts.

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The Mengkundur species exhibits remarkable growth potential, often surpassing the forest canopy to establish a towering presence within its ecosystem. This impressive stature significantly enhances the biodiversity of the rainforest environment.

Common Name: Mengkundur

Scientific Name: Tetrameles nudiflora

Similar species Found in Sg Kooi, Royal Belum State Park


Harnessing the essence of a mighty tree, The EMKAY Group stands firm and resilient. Just as roots anchor a tree, our team members uphold our foundation with unwavering dedication. Branching out into diverse operations, we reach for the sky, driven by a shared vision of growth and prosperity. Together, we cultivate success through teamwork and uphold our enduring journey's core values.

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EMKAY Group 16-G-01, Tower 16 Star Central @ Cyberjaya, Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur, Cyber 12, 63000 Cyberjaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia


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